Our Workshop

It's a hive of create activity in our busy workshop from our staff operating machinery to our crafts men and women on the shop floor. We are located in Bolton Lancashire surrounded by lovely picturesque countryside in an old 1800s building with all of it's original beautiful features. We are a happy bunch and more than happy to help our customers, we also get a great sense of pride to be a part of the creation of your babies nursery.


We've made installation easy by using only lightweight material and designing a locking system for our larger shelving units making it possible for just one person to install. Included in your Shelvee pack will be all the necessary screws, screw caps, wall plugs and detailed instructions (instructions are only included with non pre-assembled products) showing you how to align, pre-drill your holes and step by step instructions to hang your wall shelf. After inserting your plugs and screws to your wall it's time to make life easy by using our locking system (our easy hang locking system is only included in the larger shelving units) to thread your screws through then tightening until flush.

Shelf locking system bracket.

We do our best to delivery a top notch made in Britain service and would like to give a big thank you to all of our customers from all of us here at Shelvee.