Nursery Furniture

Nurseries for young babies should be calm and comforting spaces, both to allow them to sleep easily and soundly as possible, and also to provide a peaceful place for feeding and changing. Moses baskets, cribs or small cots are ideal for the first few month when parents want to keep the baby in their bedroom. Tiny babies will be happy in fairly enclosed spaces; however, they are not absolutely essential. Cots that allow you to adjust the height of the mattress as the baby grows provide more flexibility. When a small crib or basket has been outgrown - at about 3-6 months - it is a good idea to move baby into a proper cot in his or her own bedroom to encourage a settled sleep routine. You can buy two-in-one cot beds that will turn into grown-up beds when a baby gets older and starts identifying with it surroundings and recognising his or hers personal space.

Choose well-made natural wood furniture for strength, safety, flexibility and good looks. For babies and very young children, storage should be adult orientated for ease of changing, feeding and dressing. A chest of drawers is more useful than a wardrobe as a baby's clothes tend to be folded rather than hung up; in addition, a changing mat can be added on the top. A shelf close to the changing mat is very useful for storing all the necessary creams, etc., within easy reach. Shelving makes good all-purpose storage for toys, games and picture books (and for books, computer games and DVDs later); position shelves so the baby can see and enjoy them from the cot and make this a real focal part of the room. This is a room where you will spend a great deal of time, so add a comfortable low chair for nursing the baby, most of all make this a fun space that you can both enjoy.

Windows in a nursery will need either curtains or blinds to block out all light when the baby needs sleep. These can be any colour, as long as curtains are lined with blackout material and blinds are blackout quality. Alternatively, you could combine some pretty unlined voile curtains with a blackout blind. Opt for delicate shades and tactile fabrics for extra cosiness. Consider keeping walls neutral and let your shelving add interest, its good to keep picture of family on your shelves to help with facial recognition. Also consider keeping a nightlight  with a warm comforting glow which will also help you navigate around without flooding the room with bright lighting. Keep your nursery calm and comforting with an element of fun. 


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