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A child's room can give you a great deal of scope for design; it can look as smart and stylish as any other room in the house. Don't over power the room keep focal points, a feature wall is a good way of turning a nursery into a bedroom. Provide a space that your child considers their own private space using furniture that can hold there treasured possessions. The simplest, most obvious and often most effective way to create a display is by placing objects on a shelf. Shelving displays are versatile, space-saving and usually easy to arrange. What are your options? Well, almost anything can be displayed in this way, from picture holders to pebbles from the beach. Fragile or valuable items are best kept up high, and you should avoid putting objects where they will simply become an obstruction. Consider where they will be in relation to eye level, and ensure that the most interesting features of your display will definitely be visible. Beyond that, enjoy arranging and re-arranging your objects until they suit your style and enhance your space. Pairs of items are visually very strong. Place them evenly and symmetrically for maximum impact. When displaying groups, an uneven number of items is usually visually appealing. What shape does your display make? Stand back, squint, and try to see an overall outline, rather than lots of individual objects. Link groups of objects in a display by shape, size, colour and/or texture. otherwise they can look incoherent. Lighting will always enhance a display, whether it's natural light falling through a window or a decorative light casting shape through shadow on objects displayed. Thoughtful and create final touches add an extra decorative element that really demonstrates who you are. What's more, they are not terribly expensive and can change quickly and easily - perhaps with the seasons, themed shelving or just when you feel like a new look. A few bits and pieces will do the trick, it's not hard to see all sorts of gorgeous accessories, thoughtfully put together, can be the making of a most attractive and interesting room.


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